Ascend: Hand Of Kul


  • Avatar Awards

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

      Dark Helmet: Perform a Dark ascension.
      Light Helmet: Perform a Light ascension.
      Void Helmet: Perform a Void ascension.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Bone Collector (5 points): Killed 25 enemies.
      Silence of the Trolls (10 points): Decimated 200 enemies.
      Killing Fields (30 points): Slaughtered 1000 enemies.
      Sticks and Stones (10 points): Allied humans killed 50 enemies.
      Nuker (10 points): 25 enemies know the power of magic from their graves.
      Total Control (5 points): Did 20 10x combos!.
      Tastes Like Chicken (5 points): Consumed 20 humans.
      Shift of Power (5 points): Raised 3 shrines for your God.
      Friend or Foe (5 points): Sent a curse or blessing to another player.
      Hex Master (10 points): You have cursed 20 players.
      Caos Chaplain (10 points): You have blessed 20 players.
      Cast Out (10 points): Banished 25 enemies into another player's realm.
      Battlemage (10 points): Cast 25 Crusade Spells.
      Caos Unleashed (5 points): Created first Caos.
      Ascended (5 points): You made the ultimate sacrifice and Ascended your first Caos.
      Master and Commander (5 points): One of your Ascended Champions defeated another player.
      Know thy Enemy (5 points): Defeated 3 player bosses.
      Carving a Path (10 points): Acquired a spell from each alignment.
      Dungeon Master (20 points): Reached floor 50 of the Endless Dungeon.
      Outfitted for War (20 points): Attained 200 points of physical damage.
      Caos Supremacy (25 points): Attained 2000 points of armor.
      Blood Money (10 points): Looted 30 items or purchased 10 spells.
      Power Overwhelming (20 points): Fully upgraded a spell.
      A Fistful of Runes (5 points): Slotted 3 runes.
      Deep Pockets (20 points): Spent 30,000 souls or purchased a Soul Pack.
      Uninvited (5 points): Used an Alignment Mask boost to enter a restricted alignment dungeon.
      Champion of the Gods (40 points): Reached level 50 or Ascended 3 times.
      Lord of War (30 points): Contributed 50,000 points to the Crusade.

    Additionally, there are two secret achievements:

      Highlands Scholar (20 points): All Highlands lore has been read.
      Death of Kul (30 points): Highlands Titan defeated.

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